Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Wings and a Commission.

Hello All,

So I present a belated post about my wing activities of late. I made a pair of wings for Christmas for a family member and here they are:

Check my website for more photographs! The photos should be up there soon!

Additionally, someone I know has commissioned a pair of wings from me. They let me know their preferences for shape, colors, etc and here is the rough template I have come up with. Work will start on this pair soon!

Hoping all of you had wonderful and restful holidays!

All the best,


Sunday, November 18, 2012


Hello Dear Wing-lovers!

I received a question recently about the materials I use for making fairy wings. The question basically asked if the materials were different for wings that are meant for costume versus wings that are meant for the wall. The simple answer is they are not and I thought I would share this with everyone because, it occurs to me, that I may have confused some people on this issue. Here is what I wrote in reply to this query:

"Good question! I should make this more clear.

The wings are always made of the same material. The frame is aluminum armature wire. The covering is nylon stocking which I paint several times over with acrylic paint. This gives it a harder texture similar to but slightly lighter a canvass painted with gesso. The ribbons and fake-plant material are pretty straight forward. Essentially, the wings are on the firmer side but are quite light. This makes them easy to wear without worrying about them falling apart at every little movement. These days, I mostly hang the ones I keep on the wall and they hold up very well. I hope this answers your question!  



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pictures pictures pictures...and an Epica follow up.

Hey Guys,

Here are some fresh pictures (also viewable on my Facebook page) of the latest completed pair of wings! (I have yet to come up with a good name for them.) You can see a bunch of different angles as well as the back of the wings and a picture of me wearing them!

At the bottom I have also included, as promised, the picture of me and Epica! Alas, I have no pictures of me actually giving them the wings  (the earlier pair named Anima, not the green pair pictured below) but I assure you they received them. Each and every band member took a look at them and exclaimed! Simone even picked them up and held them to get a better look. She said something to the effect that her mother would steal them because she loves Butterflies so much. Haha! Anyway, yes, I saw them head backstage with my wings being safely carried by a stage hand so- it's official! They got them! The picture is below.

All the best!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello All,

So I intended this post to be about the current pair of wings that I am making but firstly I will post a picture or so of the pair I have just finished.

There you have them. Unfortunately they do not yet have a name. I will have to think about that. Also, I have a minor change or two to make to the wings themselves.

The pair I am currently working on do not have a name either. Their design is based loosely on a design for a butterfly pin I found on antique jewelry manufactured in a particular part of Maplewood. I'll be going to an event about those manufacturers soon and may have more to tell you about that later.

Any way, here is a photo I took with my phone of the pin in it's book:

Here are the plans in my sketchbook for the wings. The eyes, that are not colored in, I think will be different colors of glitter!

And below, you will find the wings themselves! I have posted three photographs of them (also taken with my iPhone...what lovely inventions, smartphones!)

They are still in process, of course, and I am feeling very ambitious about them. They are quite least as small if not smaller than the last two pairs I made and their paint-design is going to take a lot of detail work and patience!!!!! Think of painting that in several coats!

What do you think?



PS. My apologies about the placement of text. I have to display these pages through two site hosts and this is the format that spans those pages best.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wings for Epica!!!

Good news good news good news!

I am going to the Epica concert in Massachusetts this weekend! I am so pumped and excited and nervous! It's going to be really fun.

If you don't know who Epica are (is?)- they are a symphonic metal band (mostly) from Holland with an operatic/rock front singer. You may wonder why I am mentioning them on this blog. Well, I have decided to give them a pair of wings that I have made specially for the occasion!

The wings are called "Anima" after a track on the album and because anima means roughly "soul" or "spirit" in Latin.  I am kind of dedicating the wings to the band as a thank you for the vitality and spirit that they bring to all of their endeavours.

The color scheme for the wings is loosely based on the album artwork for their most recent work "Requiem for the Indifferent".  I used primarily the reds (to indicate humanity, I suppose) and then the darker themes from the image. The image itself seems to be a commentary on nature vs. industrialism. My wings are my take on the nature side.

Before I ramble too much I'll just post a few pictures and include a video in which I do all of the explaining...

There you have it! I think it's safe to say I'm very excited. And, in the end, I am also pleased with how the wings turned out. If anyone has any comments, do post them! I'd love to hear your thoughts!